PUR - jointless top layer with high robustness and limitless design options. Our recommendation for you!

We are constantly developing our systems

For decades, the name POLYSPORT has stood for innovation and the highest standards in the development of new, advanced and safe systems for sports flooring, impact walls and acoustic systems. We always implement the latest research from sports science and material technology on board in our work. A constant dialogue with athletes and sports hall operators guarantees our customers modern and progressive sports flooring systems that are tailored to their individual requirements. We pride ourselves on the economically and ecologically sound management of these products and the willingness to take on any challenge, always being open to new ideas and subjecting our products to ongoing development. By working closely with institutions, associations, universities and suppliers, we ensure that we always remain innovative in the face of the constantly changing market requirements.

Technology & Innovation

  • Protected with Pur

    • No joints
    • No swelling/shrinking with moisture and high temperatures
    • No cracks
  • Sustainability and ecology

    • Low maintenance costs
    • Low life cycle costs
    • Easy and quick renovation
    • Cost-effective renovation
    • Low building height
  • Clean Air

    • No harmful substances used
    • Lowest possible emissions
    • No plasticisers used
    • No odours

Low in harmful substances – optimum protection with pur and clean air

Sports floor top layers

  • 01 Sports hall Munich Olympic Park 2021Pur sports flooring
  • 02 Sports hall Leonberg 2022Silence impact wall
  • 03 Sports hall Berlin 2022Pur sports flooring, slats as acoustic element
  • 04 Sports hall Munich Olympic Park 2021Pur sports flooring
  • 05 Fasanenhof Sports hall Stuttgart 2021Parquet sports flooring
  • 06 Sports hall Munich Olympic Park 2021Pur sports flooring


We will be happy to advise you without obligation with the individual planning of your sports hall.

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