Our acoustic solutions for wall and ceiling ensure perfect sporting pleasure

Acoustics play a key role

Both physical education and team sports require a minimum acoustic quality to safeguard users’ health and enable them to communicate with one another guaranteeing the safety of the students and athletes. Acoustic treatments measures to avoid health risks due to poor room acoustics have become increasingly important over recent years.

Students generate sound as they engage in the physical activity, yet it is essential that speech can be easily understood during physical education. Our acoustic systems represent a significant improvement in the room acoustics and reduce sound-related stress to a pleasant level, which in turn enhances the quality of learning and teaching in a healthy, sustain­able school. Room acoustics play a key role in a range of different fields for the quality of a room and its potential uses. The most signif-icant KPI of room acoustics is a room’s reverberation time, which is a measurement of how echoey a room is. It describes how long an acoustic signal in the room needs to fall by 60 dB after the sound cuts out.

Individual solutions for acoustic comfort

A room’s reverberation time is a measurement of how echoey a room is

The greater a room's acoustic absorption, the shorter the reverberation time

If a room’s reverberation time is too long, the long decay of a syllable obscures the following syllables when someone speaks. The voice signal is distorted, and what the person is saying is harder to understand. Specifications for the reverberation time exist depending on the size of a room and its intended use. These are set out in DIN 18041 ‘Acoustic quality in rooms’.

Acoustic absorption

Acoustic absorption refers to the process of reducing acoustic energy, especially by converting it to heat. ‘Absorb’ means the same as ‘swallow’ and ‘soak up’.

Reverberation time

The reverberation time is a measure of the energy reduction in a room. The higher a room’s ability to absorb sound, the quicker the acoustic energy is reduced and the shorter the reverberation time.

The Benefits of Polysport Silence

In addition to their excellent protective functionality, the high-quality POLYSPORT Silence acoustic panels also feature optimum acoustic properties with ultra-low emissions of dangerous substances and a high fire classification. Digital printing technology means that POLYSPORT Silence can be designed to suit all wishes – from a logo print through wood effect right up to custom patterns.

Nach höchsten Qualitätsvorgaben ausgewählt Selected in accordance with the highest quality standards Schwer entflammbar Flame-retardant Optimaler Schutz durch hohe Schallabsorption Optimal protection by high acoustic absorption
  • Acoustic Absorption up to AW=1

  • Fire safety classification DIN 18032-7

  • Sustainable and skin-friendly

Polysport Acoustic Solutions

  • 01 Sports hall Leonberg 2022Silence impact wall
  • 02 Sports hall Berlin 2022Pur sports flooring, slats as acoustic element
  • 03 Sports hall Berlin 2022Pur sports flooring, slats as acoustic element
  • 04 Sports hall Leonberg 2022Silence impact wall
  • 05 Sports hall Berlin 2022Pur sports flooring, slats as acoustic element
  • 06 Sports hall Leonberg 2022Silence impact wall
  • 07 Sports hall Berlin 2022Pur sports flooring, slats as acoustic element


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